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For over 40 years, I have dived deep into the complexities of real estate law. With so many rules, regulations, procedures and caveats to each of those, a layperson cannot expect to have a comprehensive understanding of the technical details right away. From real estate contracts to land ownership disputes, there is no easy way for you to handle these matters on your own and ensure they are done properly.

At my law firm, I am well-equipped to handle residential, commercial, industrial and land real estate matters. I am certified as a real property law specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association, one of fewer than three percent of Minnesota attorneys to receive such a designation. This certification and my four-plus decades of experience have made me one of the top real estate attorneys in Minneapolis, something my former and current clients can surely attest to.

Providing Unmatched Real Estate Law Assistance

On the transactional side of real estate law, I can help you draft and record deeds, establish forms of title and ensure accuracy on all documentation. I have unparalleled experience handling grant, warranty, quitclaim and transfer on death deeds. As an estate planning lawyer, I can prepare deeds to transfer property when your estate is administered. No matter how complex the conveyance may be, I can work with you and the appropriate parties to transfer property rights as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.

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Real estate issues can arise for various reasons, and the lists above are not all-inclusive. Call me directly to find out more about how I can help you with your real estate law issue.

At David K. Porter, I focus on providing exceptional legal services at a reasonable cost. I provide the same representation as big-name law firms, but at a cost you can afford. Tell me about your real estate issue during a free 15 minute phone consultation. Call me today at 612-722-1001 or send me a message online for more information.